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Strictly Follow Whitehat SEO Techniques Only

Yes, surely rankings in search engines are important for website owners and they are ready to try almost anything for this but this does not mean that unnecessary and inappropriate strategies of search engine optimization are applied because these techniques can be treated as negative SEO techniques and your website can be penalized. Google has its own set of algorithm on the terms of which it decides the accuracy of any website. This accuracy makes them rank well in search engine result pages and when Google finds some inappropriate techniques used by website, it takes strict actions and this may result to site being penalized.

Always Be Updated With The Google Algorithms & Updates

Be Alert! Be Updated! Be Safe!

Penalization of Google may result in dropping down of search engine ranking suddenly or blocking of website URL. This is equally possible for blogs. Penalization of a website can cost a lot because this makes it hard for users to establish their new identity on online platform back again. With this, it becomes quite essential to identify if your site has been penalized at right time so that it can be recovered right before it is terminated.

Types of Google Penalty

Before actually, you take steps to eliminate the Google penalty, you must know the exact reasons which have made your website dropped because without knowing the actual reason you may end making things worse thus know that your website is going through which type of Google penalty so that you can fight accordingly. There are two types of Google Penalty:

1. Manual Penalties

In cases when Google find something unusual on your website while crawler comes to your website. Google sends you an error message and declares that your website is under manual penalties. It is easy to detect such penalty with mails and messages and with right techniques it can be removed.


2. Algorithm penalties

Google provides ranks to website with its own set of algorithm. In a few years this algorithm changes which affect the ranking of website and so the traffic. This type of Google Penalty is hard to find because you never know the reason behind the dropping of your website but with proper analysis of your own website and your techniques you can manage to fight these penalties and stay in ranks back again.


Before taking any action one can check with tools that whether the site is actually penalized or not. Once this is known it is also possible to know the reason of penalization. One must try to include fresh content, remove bad backlinks, remove spam contents and links, follow Google rules etc. to rank safe with Google. It is better to be safe than to use negative techniques for rankings.

With right tools, one can know that which website has been penalized by Google. With right techniques, one can fight with such issues and can gain back the original rankings. Google penalty is like a bad dream for website owners but with proper research and efforts, one can manage all such issues to eliminate penalization and stay in competition with higher Google rankings.