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Web Analytics

Improving Website's Performance In Search Results

What Is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a way to track the fruitful outcomes of search engine optimization techniques and strategies applied to any website.

Web analytics is done with tools and techniques available online. Web analytics can be said as an internet marketing tool that can help a website owner know everything about its users. With web analytics, one can find the traffic coming to their website and also their sources and with this, website owner can track its user’s behavior. An advanced analytic tool can help track website and its online performance properly.


Why Choose Rank Wheel For Web Analytic Services?

We understand that tracking of website performance is very important and we with our dedicated team provides better analytic program for easy website tracking. We make sure to provide the most updated and advance tools for easy analytics. In parallel we give you full privilege to access the web analytics panel to keep updated with the improvements & results.

Our service is not restricted merely to tracking and analysis of a website but with this; we also provide easy suggestion for bringing in innovation to website with reports and management help services. Our SEO team is totally dedicated to bring your website to the top positions in search engine with all their experienced skills & target strategy.

Web Analytics Process & Tools


Software Setup

One of the initial steps of any analytic process is installation of selected analytic setup. The performance of each analytic software differ with each other and so there installation.


Web Analytics

With necessary software, analytic study for a particular website is carried out. This includes data such as traffic, source of traffic, ROI, goals completion & essential pointers for improvement.


Google Analytics

Google analytic services are widely used by organization for creating an accurate web analytic research for any website. It captures right data for right research and validation.


Analysis & Reporting

Once a complete study of the traffic on website is completed, reports are formulated on the basis of which necessary strategies are formulated for better performance of the website.

How Web Analytics Tools Work?

Not only website performance, the performance of Search Engine Optimization & PPC Ad campaigns can also be tracked using Web analytics tools so that conversion can be achieved.

Analytics Setup

The initial step is installation of the selected analytics software and tools. These smart tools are equipped to carry our better analytics studies.


This includes applying all the elements of the analytics tools in a simultaneous way to generate the analytics studies of any particular website.


This includes combining all the testing scenarios to formulate strategies for optimizing the website for better performance on search engines.


Conducting web analytics for any website never ends because it is a continuous process and the tools which are used for this analytics needs maintenance after fixed interval.

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