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Google Penalty

Recovering a Website From Google Penalty

How To Check If A Website Is Being Penalized?

A true SEO expert is never supposed to perform such activities that could lead your website to permanent removal from the search results.

The obvious way to detect a penalized site is when it gets blocked and has been penalized with termination but this is only for fewer websites, in rest of the cases one can check the site being penalized with useful penalty tools. Sometimes Google also sends a note via a registered mail or webmaster tool to notify the site owner about the negative strategies used in your website. If immediate actions are taken, to recover from such penalties further terminations can be stopped.


Which Websites Are Penalized By Google & How To Recover From Google Penalty?

Google penalty is a punishment given by Google to those websites which have used negative SEO techniques for their website rankings in Google search engines. The basic updates responsible for this are Penguin & Panda by Google. Sometimes websites are also punished because they are not mobile friendly. In simple terms that websites which according to Google are not up to the mark or have negative strategies are penalized.

The first and initial step to recover from penalties is its detection. Using tools one can know if their site has been penalized or not. Once it is identified that site has been penalized, it is also possible to find out the reason for this. One can make changes and correction for those reasons responsible for such penalties. If Google has sent you a note you may work on it and can send back reconsideration request to Google.

Reasons For Google Penalty


Content Duplicity

Content is the key to success & Google is extremely serious with this. Hence a low quality, poor or duplicate content can hurt the website rankings.


Keyword Stuffing

When a website uses inappropriate keyword stuffing strategy to achieve faster results. The Google update penalizes the website instantly.


Poor Backlinks

More than the quantity of backlinks, quality of backlinks are counted by search engines for ensuring better ranks to any website.

Cloaking Technique

When a website tries to fool the search engines by showing different page for the search engines and another page to the search engine users.

Steps To Overcome Google Penalty

Once you find a best tool to find out that is your site penalized or not you can take these necessary actions for correction of all issues such that you can get your website live back again

Filter Do Not Follow Links

You need to filter your do not follow tags links & remove them if possible.

Removing Low Quality Backlinks

It is essential to identify low quality links and broken links and remove them as much as possible.

Remove Spam From Website

If your blog has any of the spam links, it is essential to remove such links if you can.

Complete Website Analysis

Access your own website thoroughly and go for complete analysis to find the technical issues.

Disavow Bad Links

Disavow those links which you cannot remove by using webmaster tools provided by Google.

Create Quality Content

Posting threads and reply into existing discussion or sharing new topics to a thread in forums of relevant segments.

Get Responsive Website

Make your site compatible with all platforms including the mobile platforms, tablets PCs.

Follow Google Algorithms

Follow any other suggestions as suggested by Google. Particularly to keep your website safe from any harm.


Reconsideration By Google

These are the obvious reasons why site is penalized there can many other reasons which are as per Google algorithm. It depends upon the penalty that your website is going through if it is an algorithm penalty there is no need of sending a request for reconsideration because Google will resolve the issues by itself once you have made necessary changes. In case manual action is required to be sent for reconsideration, one can send reconsideration to Google.

  • Remove Bad Links
  • Disavow Links Hard To Remove
  • Rewrite Website Contents
  • Send Reconsideration Request

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