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Email Marketing

Generating Enormous Opportunities

Email Marketing is an extensively used form of direct marketing to deliver a message to a targeted audience. It is a convenient way to reach a sizable audience of potential customers directly through emails, newsletters and orders, at a relatively low cost when compared with other ways of marketing.

Email Marketing in a Nutshell


You have been receiving numerous advertising mails and promotional newsletters in your mail account. These all are a way of email marketing. When email is widely used as online promotional tool it can be known as email marketing. This includes spreading the important notification about company, its new product and its new services through mail to the deserving users. Email marketing sounds to be a very simple and basic promotional strategy but it is not. It is a wide segment of digital marketing which can bring real profit and consumer conversion for your company if wisely used.


How Email Marketing is Beneficial?

Email marketing is an effective way of marketing on internet because these days almost all online users commonly use mail platforms. Email marketing is effective because it is a cost efficient way to market your brand online to wider audience. It let you send messages, text, images, attachments and videos as well for right promotional strategies. If managed well, email marketing can help you gain right traffic to your website and contribute a lot to generating leads and conversion for profit sources.

  • Compose Relevant Messages As Mails
  • Message Optimization As Per Users
  • Get Right Leads In Correct Time
  • Market Brand, Product & Services
  • Grow Mailing Lists & Subscribers

We work as a team to provide authentic & effective email marketing services across the globe

When email marketing is the right requirement for any website owner for promotion it is necessary to trust a company which can provide accurate email marketing services. Rank wheel is a highly trusted digital marketing service providing company that has been dealing in better services from last many years. We are a dedicated team and have digital marketing executives who have adequate experience in all segments of digital marketing including Email marketing.

We know the right skills to promote with email needs expertise and we can help you promote your business, products and services with email platform among your deserving users. According to collective reports & figures, email-users are set to grow to 4.1 billion by 2021 from the 3.7 billion reported email users last year in 2017. This will further open enormous opportunities in email marketing as more than 85 percent professional choose to communicate business through mails.

What drives your email reader's attention

The message needs to be creative enough to get the prospect’s attention, ignite intrigue and interest along with being educative and informative. The copy-writing strategy used in these campaigns is heavily focused on ‘converting’.

Higher Delivery Rate

We work to improve the delivery of your each mail message sent to the prospective user on email platforms. We ensure that no user determine your mail message as spam and ensure it delivers in a better way.

Dedicated Messages

We help you create a professional looking mail message for your products and services depending on the types of users you are promoting your business with. We develop tailored messages as per users choice & convenience.

Advance User Analytics

We provide powerful tools to track success of your email marketing campaigns. With these tools one can know that how many users have actually clicked the newsletters and accessed information sent by you.

Boost Conversions

By making your mail message attractive and meaningful we work to derive better results with your sent messages. We help you achieve better conversions with improvised & effective email marketing campaign.

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