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Content Marketing

Content is King

We have been known to the fact for so long now that Content is king in online world and content marketing is a tool to market online with right and effective contents. Content marketing is actually a search engine optimization technique that helps create focused content that can help attract relevant audience online.


Content Marketing At A Glance

Content marketing is marketing about the company to online users with content. When content is wisely conveyed on website and on other online sources it can convert prospective customers and attract them to do business with the organization. Content marketing in simpler terms is marketing through appealing content online.

Content Marketing in SEO

When content marketing is used for SEO, it can help you succeed online with right promotion through words along with the correct placement of the keyword at the right place. At rank wheel you can get efficient content marketing services with which you get well optimized content for your website and other online sites.

It may be blogging, articles, web content, press releases etc. which may include images, PDFs, texts, videos, graphs & figures and many more. Content placed in right format in correct text to code ratio and following further Search Engine Guidelines, may result the website with a better ranking in the search engines.

Building Content Strategies

Before actually framing any content it is necessary to know for what purpose content is to be framed. Once known it is essential to analyze the segments where it will be posted and which audience it will target.

Building Creative Content

Once everything is known the final creation of content is to be done, this includes finding the actual keywords that must be targeted in the content and then making it user friendly and search engine friendly. 

Promotion & Distribution

Once the actual content is framed, it is the time for promotion. One can use it wisely & timely on a website or can post it somewhere else on internet so that it could reach the targeted users easily. 

Content Management

Posting of content is just not enough when you really expect content marketing to achieve its goal. It must be properly managed to identify if the content is compatible enough to ensure conversion.

How Content Marketing Process Works?

After every fixed interval it is necessary to bring in necessary changes to content. Content must always be fresh both for search engines and for attracting deserving users online.


Content Development

  • Content Strategy Development
  • Competitive Content Analysis
  • Content Creativity
  • Content Optimization

Content Creation

  • Content Visualization
  • Webpage Content Writing
  • Blog & Article Writing
  • Copy Writing Services

Content Administration

  • Content Updating
  • Content Maintenance
  • Content Auditing
  • Website Content Management

Content Promotion

  • Email Marketing
  • Off Page Promotion
  • Search Engine Promotion
  • Social Media Posts Management

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