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Free SEO Analysis


Website Development

A Website defines the source of a business online. It plays crucial role in keyword rankings etc.


Content Optimization

Content is always king. Right keyword placement & keyword density plays quite crucial role in ranking.


Search Analytics

Analytics helps understanding efforts and their respective results. Develops scope for major improvements.


Website Optimization

Getting a website fixed as per search engine optimization parameters is must. Revamping may be required.


Search Engine Opimization

Optimized website is ready to be launched for the purpose of SEO to rank well in major search engines.


Maintaining Results

Search Engine Algorithms keeps on changing regularly. Maintaining results & making business is Must. 

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How SEO Works?

Every Search Engine has its specific set of rules and algorithms based on which the keywords ranking of a website are affected. We must learn how do these parameters decides keywords rankings and how SEO is helpful in this.

The basic fundamental of any search engine to rank a website is to Crawl that website and getting index. The core factors that affects the ranking of a website is that the website must follow a specific set of rules called Algorithms of that particular Search Engine. Mostly a search engine prefers a website which is designed and developed from a user a well as search engine perspective.

An SEO expert who has in depth knowledge of how search engines work can be helpful in ranking a website under his observation and interpersonal skills if the website is following all the predefined parameters set by a particular search engine and feeding it with all the necessary information that could help in improving a website ranking.

Ranking Top in Search Engines

Ranking a website under top 10 results at Page 1 of various search engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo is the dream of many firms. Getting such results is quite hard and can be achieved with continuous efforts and Whitehat SEO only. But the biggest thing which is tough of them all is to maintain such rankings. Which many search engine optimizer usually pay attention to.

Though SEO is supposed to be the long term investment to set any business online. But it is believed that it finally becomes the most economical way to fetch most of the business. A complete internet marketing involves expanding a website’s reach to its maximum that can be boosted by following additional services:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Local SEO


Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn Promotions

Direct Marketing

Emailing, SMS, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads


Professional SEO Company

A professional & experienced SEO support always work as a miracle. One must not negotiate with the quality of SEO service. Keep in mind the following pointers while dealing with an SEO Expert:

  • Get to know your SEO Expert
  • Understand the Set Goals & Strategy
  • Ask for Analytics & Webmaster's Privileges
  • Ask for Regular Updates & Reports

One of the Best SEO Services

Our clients say we are the best SEO services provider they have found in the industry but we always believe in improvement to stay fit into the industry. We simply love our work.

Seach Engine Optimization

Local SEO

Improvising Current Rankings

Goal Conversions

Recover from Google Penalty

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Essential SEO Pointers

Search Engine Optimization can help a business by providing it with a higher ranking in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) that can help in getting more traffic. We try to make it more simpler for the clients to understand the basic pointers helpful in traditional Whitehat SEO.

Basic Audit Checklist

  • Analyzing Target Industry
  • Estimating Scope of Business
  • Expected Investment & ROI
  • Performing Competition Analysis

Website Analysis

  • Internal & External Links Check
  • Broken Links Cleanup
  • Website Load Time
  • Website SEO Compliance Check

Website Optimization

  • Optimizing Title, Alt & Meta Tags
  • Targeted Keyword Prominence
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Website Code Clean Up

Search Engine Optimization

  • Onpage & Offpage Optimization
  • Building Quality Backlinks
  • Managing Webmaster & Analytics
  • Overall Content Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click / Adwords
  • Developing Landing Page
  • Campaign Performance Check
  • Adsense / Paid Media Promotion

Brand Awareness

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Publishing Creative Content
  • Building Brand Infographics
  • Impressive Guest Blogging

Local Search Optimization

  • Google Maps & My Business
  • Developing Local Customer Base
  • Building Brand Infographics
  • NAP Listings & Genuine Reviews

Mobile Search Optimization

  • Mobile Friendly URLs & Design
  • Developing Schema MarkUp
  • Decreasing in Website Loadtime
  • Raising Mobile Search Visibility

Recent News

SEO helps reaching a business to its right audience looking for their respective requirements,
and thus hereby creating opportunities to expand its reach. Let us read some latest news
& updates to know more about it!

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  • You go above and beyond for achieving success in business. Rankwheel was one of my choice I would never regret who have helped me making my thoughts possible.

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