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Pay Per Click

SEM Technique for Quick Results

Pay per click is an advertising model in which advertiser has to pay a decided amount for every click received by ads. PPC is one of the most effective techniques of search engine marketing which can help you target visitors organically. PPC can provide you a right way to convert those leads which are fruitful for your business success.

Why choose PPC?

Pay per click is an easy way to reach to audience and gain their interest in your website. It helps you pay only for clicks that actually click your ads to visit your website. It is a direct way with which users can get your website and show their interest for you and your company’s website. PPC is an effective online marketing strategy that can help you get better return on investment.

For gaining better results with PPC campaign, it is essential that a well managed PPC is launched that has perfect keywords as per your segment and to this advance company like Rank wheel can help you launch a perfect PPC camping for better ROI. An effective PPC campaign can only be developed with the help of an expertise gathered by regular marketing practice.


Search Advertisement

We help you launch an advertisement campaign that matches the keyword query of your respective users so that your ad get listed only for those keywords.


Account Set Up

We help you set up an account for launching your ad campaigns. At a single time you can launch more than one ad campaign to target different keywords.


Campaign Creation

Once you are done creating your account you can trust us for easy campaign creation that has relevant message targeting keywords with which you want your ads to be displayed

Social Media Campaign

Other than search engines we also help you launch ad campaigns on social media platforms which is common channel to target relevant users online.

Ad Optimization

We make sure that your ads receive maximum and genuine clicks and if necessary we also help you bring necessary changes to your ad campaign to obtain better visitors.


Analysis & Maintenance

Our services never held even when you are done launching your successful ad campaign but we are also available for maintenance you need for your PPC campaigns.

How PPC Brings Effective Results?

With effective PPC services you can ensure that your ad campaign reaches to maximum and desirable users online. These are the services that can be offered in PPC.

  • Helps Target Quality Leads
  • Effective Way Of Online Promotion
  • Improved Return On Investment
  • Gain More Visitors To The Website

PPC Ad Campaign Services


Increase Brand Awareness

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Ecommerce
  • App Installation

Social Media PPC

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Search Engine PPC

  • Yahoo Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Microsoft Ads

PPC Services with Rankwheel

With Rankwheel you can ensure to get better Pay per click services because we have been providing effective PPC services from last many years. When it is PPC with rank wheel you get a well managed ad campaign that is launched to attract only those desirable customers online which are really useful for business.

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