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Factors Affecting Search Engine Ranking

Reaching The Right Audience Through Search Engines

Creation of a right website is not sufficient for a business owner, its right promotion is also necessary for reaching deserving customers online. When a user is looking for something online they trust only those website which ranks on top ten results in search engines. Search engine has their algorithm on the basis of which it provides rank to several websites in return to search query. This algorithm decides the relevancy of any website in terms of various factors and these factors are quite important for website.

Getting Top 3 Rankings Won't Guarantee Conversions

Ranking High is Just Not Enough !!

Getting rankings in top 3 results under search engine rank pages might give you a huge relief & You may feel its the right time for celebrations for achieving such results. Unfortunately it is just an initial big step. Right competition is to sustain those results. And almost most of the SEO experts might fail at this because they don’t work over the sustainability factors affecting rankings.

Some Of The Crucial Search Engine Ranking Factors Are:

1. Keywords

Keywords are the searched query which a user enters on a search engine to find results related to it. When such keywords are rightly included on your website search engine can rank you in return to search query. In order to get placed in top results to relevant keyword you need to optimize your website for these keywords. It is important to note here that keyword proximity is taken well care because keyword stuffing can be treated as negative SEO technique by search engines. Choosing right keyword for your business is of high importance in developing real good business. Most SEO companies focus on the volume of the keywords without understanding the flow of the business and the thought process of a valuable user. Keywords are real keys to the business and hence direct impact on graph of success.


2. Quality Content

Even when your website has the most relevant content for your products still it does not guarantee obtaining ranks in search engines because search engine crawlers counts for updated content. Those contents which are fresh are more likely to attract search engine crawlers thus when you desire to get results with your content you must keep on updating it in fixed interval. One must understand that search engines give most priority to those parameters which can not be negotiated so as to satisfy users who are typically looking after content which represents the presence of any business online. A users identifies & memorizes a website & business representation based on the quality of content as per their requirement or search. A keyword rich content is also a must follow pointer for all webmasters but one needs to pay attention to the quantity of those keyword which must not increase a specific number of keyword density which may flow somewhere between 2-3% of total content. Moreover the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords) plays a significant role in improving SEO campaigns. LSI keywords are words related to primary searched keyword.


3. Quality Backlinks

Another essential factor that can help website obtain better ranking in search engines is backlinks to the website. Good linking from right sources online can let crawler enter your website and provide you ranks but more than the quantity of backlinks the quality is important. Most SEO expert are surprised by the results when they come to know that they have built a quite huge number of backlinks which has unfortunately brought the website under spam suspect as per search engines policy. It is mostly because they never understand that they need to focus in their backlink resources which are infact very sensitive factor to the search engines. If you have got a single backlink made with an already spam or virus suspected website you are automatically supposed to be breaking the laws of online marketing as per search engines algorithm and which may result your website to be marked as spam too.


4. Website Traffic

Ranking and traffic highly depends on each other. When there is good ranking of any website more and more users will come to your website and when they will come, you will gain popularity online thus make sure that your website receives good traffic for gaining good ranking in search engines. An online marketing expert must focus more on the analytical data to achieve quality traffic. An unexpected & paid traffic may sometime get your website into trouble. There are plenty of factors (such as bounce rate, IP addresses, target location and many more) that decides whether the website traffic is genuine or is forced just to increase website ranking in the search engines. Infact you can never fool the crawlers of search engines for long.


5. Search Engine Friendly Structure

Surely your online users are very important for your website success but with this you also need to take care that your website is search engine friendly. When search engine crawlers can understand your website it can provide you right ranks. For this it is good to use effective search engine optimization techniques on your website. A lot of factors need to be looked at while developing a website such as the HTML code optimization, responsiveness, user and search engine friendly design or layout, and infact placement of snippets, codes & content. Only a skilled & experienced SEO expert can take care of those parameters while developing your website. After a website is all you have as an asset to represent your business to the online world.


6. Miscellaneous Factors

There are several factors like site navigation, loading speed, on page factors, duration of domain registration, platform compatibility, online competition, click rate, PPC campaign etc which may also affect the search engine ranking of any website. Though these factors have been notified as miscellaneous ones but that doesn’t mark them to be of low importance. They are equally important as that of above factors. Because they perform altogether while presenting a website to the online user. These factors works like a boost to the website performance if given a proper attention. A website in some cases might need to revamp so as to make these performance parameters stronger. Following such factors for improvement the website works like a charm bringing quality leads, and hence healthy conversions leading towards that website.

miscellaneous ranking factors in seo by rankwheel

All these factors can affect your search engine ranking and thus it is very important that each factor is taken care at any website. It is only good search engine ranking which can guarantee overall success for your company and thus you must bring in all possible efforts to obtain good ranking in search engines.

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